Posted by: gillarbuthnott | July 4, 2015

Hip Hooray!

happy-writer-orig-copy-300x224What an exciting couple of days I’ve had. First, I was at Elder Child’s graduation, (How is this possible? I’m sure she’s only 11) which was a great day out in Glasgow (though I did chicken out of drinking a Pint Of Fun in the Union beer bar, to her disappointment). Graduation was in the Bute Hall, which has wonderful high-gothic decor, and a fabulous organ. The new graduates were surprised to find themselves processing out to the Star Wars theme played on the organ. Best moment was that some of them, therefore, exited to Darth Vader’s march. Excellent!

The other huge excitement for me has been that I HAVE FINISHED THE NEW NOVEL!! Those of you who are writers will know that of course, this doesn’t actually mean I have finished the new novel, but it does at least mean that it now boasts an ending to go with the beginning and middle. Now all I have to do is type it all and it’s ready to send off to my long-suffering agent.

I am off on hols to Corfu next week, so am watching the Greek situation with great interest…



  1. You go, girl! Er, woman. Er. ma’am.

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