Posted by: gillarbuthnott | July 22, 2015

Little Old Ladies

funny%20pictures%20of%20old%20ladies-xHYeIt strikes me every so often – generally when I’m eavesdropping on them on a bus – that little old ladies are an endangered species. You know the sort I mean? The type-specimen grannies. They are generally not very tall, come in thin or comfortable size, have glasses and permed white hair, possibly with a blue rinse. They wear skirts and sensible shoes, and the sort of stockings that would probably survive a nuclear attack.

And we’re running out of them. Soon they will go the way of the passenger pigeon and the dodo.

We are now on the last generation of grannies who are going to look like that. It’ll all be jeans and trainers and highlighted pixie-cuts, pilates classes and sauvingnon blanc soon, instead of tea and a scone, and perhaps a nice walk. Oooh – and knitting. I nearly forgot knitting.

I’m not decrying any of that, you understand. It’ll just be… different.

Little old ladies: a valuable natural resource. Make the most of them while stocks last.



  1. I’m sure that’s a photo of us, meeting up in the future, comparing notes on the sex scenes in our most recent books …

  2. Oh, I do hope so…

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