Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 4, 2015

August is the Coolest Month (but not literally, I hope)…

imagesAnd so it begins…. Book Festival Month in Edinburgh. (I’ve heard there is some other festival on in Edinburgh at the same time, but I don’t believe it.) I’ll be spending even more time in Charlotte Square than usual, since I’m involved in lots of events in my role as guest selector. Have a look at my News page to see exactly what I’ll be doing and the wonderful authors I’ll be introducing. If you haven’t already browsed the programme:

1) What’s wrong with you?

2) Here it is.

It would be nice to think the weather might improve in honour of everything going on here. On my way home from a book festival meeting a couple of days ago, I stood behind a girl at the bus stop who was wearing ear muffs and a scarf. And I envied her, a little. No wonder the grass in every Scottish park is festooned with semi-naked natives the second the sun comes out…

Also hoping for a good day for my lovely god-daughter’s wedding, which does feature quite a lot of The Great Outdoors…


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