Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 22, 2015

Book Fest Blog #2: … and the sun’s still there – mostly.

imagesThe plastic ducks which grace the Charlotte Square puddles are feeling unloved this year, sitting disconsolately in a dry corner, awaiting their chance…

I meant to blog before now, but I’ve hardly been home in the last few days. I’ve seen A L Kennedy (brilliant as always) Tracy Chevalier and Alison Case (fascinating) and been to Alison Case’s workshop on Wuthering Heights (excellent, and now I need to read it again).

In addition I’ve been chairing Christiane Dorion, appearing on a panel with her, Ros Asquith and Mary Hoffman, doing my own science event, and chairing Val McDermid and Niamh Nic Daeid. All fantastic fun, but I am feeling slightly punch drunk, and my house is an example of entropy in action. An early night definitely beckons, before I lead a reading workshop on the Durrell Corfu books tomorrow.

After that, it’s back to school for a bit of a rest! Ha ha. I’m not finished yet though: I’ll be back in book action from the 28th, pretty much non-stop until the end of the book festival.



  1. I’m back in on the 31st for a school event with Angie Sage at 12:15 – will you be around that day? If so, let’s meet up! If not, we’ll wait till the dust settles – or is that your heart rate I mean?

    • Have just realised I got my timing a bit out for tomorrow, so not sure if I’ll see you in the yurt. If not, we need to test the new technique I’ve just been shown for getting the cork out a wine bottle with a shoe soon…

  2. I’m chairing Robert Winston at 2.30, so should be around after your event. See you in the yurt?

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