Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 14, 2015

Why A Cat Is The Ideal Writing Companion

mJdLKqQ1 He will show an interest by sitting on the piece of paper you need this very second.

2 He will helpfully suggest revisions to your latest draft on the computer by walking over the keys. Unfortunately, you will not understand these, since he types in cat and you read in human.

3 He will bring you a mouse if he thinks you look hungry. It may even be dead.

4 He will not ask you to explain your plot.

5 His love for you is completely independent of your success/lack of success. He will despise you no matter how many adoring readers you amass, or rejection letters you receive.

6 Occasionally, he will purr, just to make you think he cares. He really doesn’t. His robust approach to mentoring will encourage you to be independent and self-reliant.


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