Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 28, 2015

Writing on the Move…

imagesH3AAOUAWOh happy day! My beloved netbook has just come home from computer hospital. I am appalled at how lost I have been without it, even though there are several other computery machines in the house.

Anyway… I was thinking the other day about these ‘Where I Write’ articles you see every so often, and mentally composing my own. I’d love to say I write at my beautiful oak roll-top desk, but it would be a blatant lie. I do actually possess a beautiful oak roll-top desk (the only piece of furniture I have ever fallen in love with and had to buy), and that was the general idea when I bought it, but it’s usually covered in letters waiting to be answered, diaries and assorted rubbish. Tragically, I am much more likely to write sitting on the sofa or, indeed the floor. But even this is not where most of the hard work takes place…

I write as I walk to work every morning. Not physically, obviously. My writing’s bad enough when I’m sitting still. But I plan scenes, work on plot holes and mentally test dialogue as I walk. It works well for me – my only concern is that sometimes I arrive at work with no memory of the journey. I do worry that cars have been screeching to a halt every time I sail, oblivious, across a road, but presumably not, or I’d have been flattened by now.

So if you see a vacant-looking woman wandering through Edinburgh’s New Town some morning – it could be me!


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