Posted by: gillarbuthnott | October 11, 2015

9781472915733I’ve had a wonderful weekend, making my first, but hopefully not last, visit to the Cheltenham Literature Festival, talking about my latest book – A Beginner’s Guide to Life on Earth – which I have unaccountably neglected to mention here until now. I was in a lovely venue called the Little Big Top – felt as though I should have entered on a camel – talking to a big audience of really knowledgeable children and their adults. Great audience, great questions, great fun!

Back home now and embarked on the great rewrite of the latest novel, which I’m surprised to find I’m enjoying. Perhaps it’s because circumstances allow me to concentrate properly on it and really get my teeth into it!

On the teaching front, half term is tantalisingly close… so hopefully I can get lots of writing done in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Cheltenham! Sounds cool!

    • Oh, it was. Too cool for the likes of me! I found myself almost next to Chrissie Hynde at one point…

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