Posted by: gillarbuthnott | October 29, 2015

Villainesses and Spooky Books….

spookybooks-7ee1a980c3aaf7afd3d48342e1419c59b0be7c28-s6-c30A vaguely Hallowe’enish flavour today…

First, with my teaching hat on, a plea for help. One of my pupils is writing a speech (would take too long to explain why) and wants to refer to some teenage villains and villainesses in it. Villains – no problem. Teen Villainesses…. ummm…. we can’t think of any. If you can come up with any, we’d be very grateful (and if there aren’t any, clearly this is a niche just waiting to be filled.)

Secondly, as I was walking to work today, I got to thinking about what I would nominate as the spookiest children’s book of all time… My nomination for this would definitely be Elidor, by Alan Garner, which manages to make the everyday world deeply creepy, using nothing stranger than shadows and letterboxes. Oh – and he’s the only author I’ve ever read who seems to understand that  a unicorn is not a cuddly toy, but a potentially lethal combination of muscle, hoof and horn….

So, what book would you nominate?


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