Posted by: gillarbuthnott | February 7, 2016

Brighter outlook

Cleaning-House-cartoonIt’s been a funny week… I haven’t written anything new for 5 days, and that’s the longest I’ve gone for months, and it’s making me twitchy. Now, this is a good thing, as it means I’ve conditioned myself like one of Pavlov’s dogs, to think that I must write more or less every day, but a bad thing, as it means I’m now tempted to start something new today – tonightnow, which would be stupid for a variety of reasons.

I have been reduced to filling the time by doing crazy things like cleaning windows. Yes, it’s that bad. The world looks much brighter from my bedroom now, mind you. Good God, if I go on like this, the house might be clean. Perhaps I’ll have it altered so I can clean like the woman in the cartoon once I’m back to trying to do the necessary in 13 minutes per week.

Luckily for my sanity, I’m hoping to have a new project to start sometime next week. Right, I’m off to polish the cat.


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