Posted by: gillarbuthnott | March 2, 2016

Hello Forthview!

imagesHU6Y77M7I always love doing school visits, and I had a particularly fun session today at Forthview Primary in Edinburgh talking to pupils about What Makes Your Body Work? There was no shortage of brave volunteers to take part in experiments, and I was asked some great questions.

I’ve got quite a few events coming up soon. Have a look at the events page to see where and when I’ll be talking.

I was in the audience last week for a book event organised by The Edinburgh Bookshop, with the American author Pierce Brown. You may not have heard of him yet, but you will… He has written a terrific science fiction trilogy, which starts with Red Rising, which I devoured in about 48 hours.

Big day next week, when the latest book comes out… Watch this space!



  1. Happy Upcoming book Birthday – don’t put things off to the last minute – start celebrating NOW!

  2. An excellent idea!

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