Posted by: gillarbuthnott | July 31, 2016

Library Ladders

Hello, we’re back in business. I am now officially retired from teaching and am starting my new life as a full time writer. Never thought I’d be able to say that.

I’m giving the website a bit of a spring-clean and upgrade, so do have a look every so often – hopefully there will be more useful information on it. In the meantime…

… Library ladders.

Aren’t they lovely? Don’t you want one? I know they feature strongly in my euromillions-winning-fantasy. However, since I wasn’t the person who won £61 million today, I’ll just have to be grateful that my two favourite bookshops have them, and encourage you to go and take a look, or even ascend… And to buy some books while you’re there, obviously.

The Edinburgh Bookshop has an illustrated one, signed and drawn on by lots of authors. I’m very lucky to have this as my local bookshop in Edinburgh and while they don’t have a huge amount of space, they pack it to the ceilings (hence the ladder) with a carefully chosen selection of delicious books. And they’ll order anything you want. And it is but a skip across the road from Luca’s ice cream shop – best strawberry on the planet. Couldn’t ask for very much more really.

In my other spiritual home, St Andrews, is another fabulous independent bookshop – Topping and Co. They have multiple ladders and you’re allowed to go up them yourself. Never mind a roller-coaster, this is the thrill ride for me. It’s a bookshop filled with nooks and comfy chairs, and they even give you coffee. Last time I was in St Andrews, husband and son had to pry my hands off the door frame to get me out of the place. Next time, I’m going in alone…



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