Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 30, 2016

A Fine Finale

Image result for alpha directionsLast couple of days at EIBF… I went to listen to Joanne Harris talking about her latest book A Different Class. She was very entertaining, and I did rather feel we had been separated at birth when she was talking about her experiences of teaching at an all male grammar school… I remember the first time I read Gentlemen and Players, thinking ‘My God! I work beside some of these people.’, so I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.

Yesterday I chaired an event by Jens Harder, a brilliant graphic artist, who has produced what is surely the most ambitious work of graphic art ever, with Alpha… Directions, which covers 4500 billion years of Earth’s history. Not only was his talk beautifully illustrated and a fascinating insight into how he produced this mammoth (pun fully intended) work, but those who joined the queue to have their book signed were treated not simply to a signature, but to a unique and beautiful individual drawing. Wow.

Here’s another example of the wonderful artwork.



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