Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 12, 2016

Underground Naples#1

20150411_163736.jpgI was trying to find photos of Naples that I know I saved somewhere, because they are vital background to the novel I’m just embarking on. Typically, they seem to have evaporated for the moment, but I did find these extraordinarily atmospheric ones, also from Naples. They’re from the Borbonico tunnel, which was built as an escape route from the royal palace for the Bourbon kings of Naples, was then forgotten about, was used as both a bomb shelter and a vehicle pound during WW2, then was forgotten about again, until a vet renovating his surgery found a disused door with a load of steps leading down from it… and all this. 20150411_164246.jpgImage result for borbonico tunnelTruly Naples is a wonderfully crazy city. It deserves to be visited more.

Oh dear… I’ll just have to go back now and re-take those missing photographs. What a shame.


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