Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 1, 2017

Fangs for the memories…

drac book festOkay, sorry about that. I can seldom resist a pun even this bad. Here I am with the rest of the vampire-hunting crew, just about to entertain 70 primary school children for an hour during Schools’ Gala Day at the EIBF! Prof MacHelsing and I were a bit nervous, since we’d never previously delivered this workshop for more than 30 pupils at once, and never at all with pupils as young as most of them were. However, ably assisted by Jonathan and Mina Harker and the lunatic Renfield, all went according to plan and Countess Dracula was unveiled. We’d forgotten the garlic and the stake, so we just had to send her off home with everyone else, but she promised not to bite anyone…



  1. Sadly, I can’t see the photo, but will let my imagination cover it!

    • I wonder why the photo isn’t appearing on the Facebook version of this? I shall try again…

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