Posted by: gillarbuthnott | March 28, 2019

Beginning again

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I may be the world’s worst user of social media… People look aghast when I say I don’t have an Instagram account, hardly post on Facebook and have given up blogging on my own site. I’d like to say all this is about to change, but we all know I’ve been here before, don’t we? However, I’m nothing if not optimistic (or do I mean unrealistic?) so here goes…

Actually, it’s a good metaphor for the whole messy business of writing. If I’d been put off by the years of stories that didn’t work out, and books that kept getting rejected, I’d still be dreaming of being an author, instead of being at work on my 20th book. So… I will try to channel that persistence. And come up with posts people want to read!

Watch this space – I’m just off to find out how to open and Instagram account. Once I find out what Instagram actually is…



  1. Hey! Welcome back! Looking forward to posts – and understanding Instagram!

  2. So am I…. Maybe😀

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