Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 6, 2019

The Joy of Research

image-of-space-turtleI love researching for non-fiction books. Of course, there are things that don’t pique your interest as much as you would like (for me it was developments in aircraft design), but, equally, you stumble across some fantastically strange facts.

The book I’ve just been working on (more on that soon) led me to the fact that the first spacecraft (The Soviet Zond 5 mission) to go round the back of the moon and return safely carried two tortoises (sadly not wearing tiny helmets like the one in the photo). Who would ever have thought that tortoises were the first creatures to see the far side of the moon? And what really fascinates me about it is that, given how long tortoises can live, they might still be alive out there somewhere… I haven’t been able to find out what happened to them, so if anyone knows…

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