Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 13, 2019

Only in Paris…

I was in Paris for a few days holiday recently – first time I’ve been for several years. If only all station restaurants looked like Le Train Bleu in the Gare de Lyon, where we ate one night…

Image result for le train bleu

Someone clearly said, ‘I don’t want an inch of this left undecorated. Give me mirrors, gilding, murals – then double it.’ Truly fantastic and not a bit like Waverley…

But it’s not only station restaurants that ooze French chic. We stumbled on the window display of the local pest control company… And now I can’t find a way to get it off my stupid phone and into this post!!! Grr… Will have to put it on Instagram instead; yes, I have joined the 21st century. I can promise there will be no downward dogs or avocados – unless avocado is the garnish for a cocktail I haven’t met yet…



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