Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 16, 2019

Mystery Mouse…Maybe.

untitledSo, my friend Dr Doug asked to borrow my trail camera (bought for photographing wildlife) to solve A Mystery. Mrs Doug went to put her shoes on the other morning and found 15 peanuts in the left one. She was slightly mystified as they don’t even have peanuts in the house. A mouse! thought Dr Doug, so they left the peanuts in the shoe that night and sprinkled flour on the floor so the mystery marauder would leave tracks.

Next morning: No tracks. 13 peanuts in left shoe. Perhaps they’d miscounted? Ah… No… Also 9 peanuts in right shoe. Levitating mouse? Elves? Benign poltergeist? Bring on the trail camera.

to be continued…

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