Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 24, 2019

I’ll just have to interview myself…

Image result for 1920s lady writerSometimes when I can’t sleep, I imagine I’m on Desert Island Discs and choose my  tracks, book and luxury, as I’m sure many other people do. Lately I’ve also taken to interviewing myself along the lines of those quick-fire questions you see as part of interviews in the weekend papers. So, since no one is likely to ask me for real, here is my quick-fire interview with myself.

Champage, gin or beer? Why is there an ‘or’ in that sentence?

High street or designer? Don’t be silly, I’m an author. You mean High street or charity shop.

Coffee or green juice? Coffee. Green juice sounds like what oozes out of the bottom of my compost bin. And why doesn’t anyone make ‘Supercaff ‘, with all the extra caffeine they take out of decaf? I’d buy that.

Favourite football team? Hahahahahahaha

Cats or dogs? Cats, obviously. A cat considers itself your intellectual superior and will happily keep you in your place.

I couldn’t get through the weekend without… Now, this is a very stupid question. In my experience the weekends get through themselves just fine, and very quickly. It’s how to get through the week that ‘s the tricky bit. I couldn’t get through the week without writing.

Now it’s your turn. Quickfire answers from you, please!



  1. beer. Charity shop. Not sure what green juice is, but coffee makes me hyper. No football team. Dogs, obviously, as cats are sneaky and disloyal. I couldn’t get through the weekend without Earl Grey Tea

    • Sneaky and disloyal… I prefer to think of it as….. Hmmm….subtle and independent.

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