Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 26, 2019

Another Dream Dies…

untitledI’m used to talking to audiences of primary pupils in gyms and assembly halls, where they sit cross-legged on the wooden floor as I talk. but today I found myself talking in the altogether more impressive surroundings of Newbattle Abbey College, in this amazing room (and it had chairs in it too!).

At the end of the event, I had the following conversation with a pupil…

Small Boy ‘Are you famous?’

Me ‘No.’

Small Boy ‘You’re an author, you must be famous.’

Me ‘Have you ever heard of me?’

Small Boy ‘No.’

Me ‘Then I can’t be famous, can I?’

Small Boy, turning to teacher and pointing at me ‘She’s not famous!’

Me (to his retreating back) ‘And I’m not rich, either’

That sound you can hear as you read this? Another dream shattering….


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