Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 1, 2019

The Books That Made Me

When I’m doing events, I’m often asked what my favourite childhood books were, and for some reason, my mind tends to go blank, so the next few posts are partly an aide memoire for myself. On the other hand, it was reading those books, plus many more I can’t remember, that set me on the path to being a writer, so hopefully they’ll be of some interest to others too!

Tales of the Greeks and Trojans by Roger Lancelyn Green

Image result for tales of the greeks and trojans roger lancelyn greenI was given this book as a10th birthday present by my older brother who, handily, had a holiday job in the local bookshop (James Thin, for those with long memories). I loved any sort of myths and I read it so often that even now, I can call up the distinctive illustrations in my mind’s eye.

Related imageThis one is Odysseus, returned home and about to kill Penelope’s suitors, with the bow that only he can string and draw. It was the combination of great stories and wonderful pictures (now joined, as I sniff the pages, by that irresistible ‘old book’ smell) that captivated me then and still does.

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