Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 8, 2019

Adventure Time!

Image result for glenfinnan viaductOne of the very best things about writing for children is that you get invited to go into schools to talk to them, and this sometimes means you get to visit exciting new places.

Tomorrow I am off on a mini-epic trip by train and ferry, firstly to Mallaig Primary to talk about DNA, and then to the isle of Muck to talk to pupils from Muck and Eigg primary schools about the human body.

This means I get to travel on the fantastic train line to Fort William, and go over the Glenfinnan Viaduct (aka route of the Hogwarts Express), and on Friday I get not one, but two ferry trips – and the chance of some whale watching.

Image result for whale near skye

So, Mallaig  – if you read this – do you think you might be a clone? And Muck and Eigg – have you ever thought just how like a doughnut you really are? You’ll find out soon!

Image result for doughnuts


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