Posted by: gillarbuthnott | June 15, 2019

Writing away from home

IMG_20190611_113139_671I’ve just spent a week in Corfu, mixing writing with holiday (and getting away from truly awful weather, even by Scottish standards). I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t have the discipline to actually do the writing, but a couple of hours in the shade in the middle of each day got me quite far through what I’d been hoping to achieve. I think it’s a good idea to write in different places regularly: it’s all too easy to become so convinced that there’s a sort of ‘magic’ about one building/room/chair that it becomes hard to work away from it. I enjoy working in trains, as long as there’s no one sitting next to me, surreptitiously reading what I’m doing – though if I’m writing by hand, they wouldn’t be able to read it anyway…

DSC_0003_22So this was writing HQ, and very pleasant it was too, but now it’s back to my cluttered desk and probably rain running down the window and all the distractions of home –  including, this week, the launch of my new book, Balloon to the Moon, and my son’s graduation. At least they’re quality distractions!

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