Posted by: gillarbuthnott | June 22, 2019

Developing some sitzfleisch…

Image result for cat typingThis is definitely my word of the week. I came across it in an interview with the wonderful Philip Pullman in The Author yesterday. Now, if you speak German and know that the literal meaning is ‘sitting flesh’ (buttocks), you will be wondering why I would want more than I already have. But this word, as so many do, has a double meaning. It also means to sit down and get on with a task, to stick with it until it’s done and, as such, it’s a useful thing for a writer to have.
But in the real world, there are always distractions, and the last few weeks have been full of them. They’ve all been lovely: holidays, family visits, graduations, book launches – but they make it hard to keep any rhythm of work going and for me, at least, that makes a huge difference to how much I achieve…
But now, I have a couple of wonderfully empty weeks coming up and I intend to write many, many words. These are the first and the next ones will be the chapter plan for my next (I hope) book.
Buttocks ready and off we go!

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