Posted by: gillarbuthnott | June 27, 2019

Lift Off!

balloon to moonHappy book birthday to my latest ink and paper offspring, out today – Balloon to the Moon (Big Picture Press) – fabulously illustrated by the amazing Christopher Nielsen and telling the story of how we progressed from the first hot air balloon to the first moon landings – and beyond.

There’s already a lovely revue from the Lancashire Post  here – the first of many, I hope.

It seems incredible that I have such a clear memory of something that happened 50 years ago. Can’t actually believe I’m that old, but I suppose I must be…




  1. That’s a great start to the reviews of the book, Gill. Congratulations on the publication and the review. The book sounds a real treat for all those kids who’re going to have the joy of reading it!

    • Thanks! It’s certainly been a great start.

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