Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 15, 2019

Image result for backpackersLife is a bit hectic – but enjoyably so – at the moment. On Tuesday I did an event based on Balloon to the Moon at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (Great questions – well done, audience!), followed by a filmed conversation with space scientist Sheila Kanani , then a reading for Amnesty International. Then went home for my birthday tea and was forced to drink champagne. It’s a tough life…

Meanwhile, in the real world, Son is getting ready to go off to South America for 3-4 months (As you do. Apparently.) with his friends Pete2 . This involves me trying to persuade him that a first aid kit is not a waste of packing space and that it’s a good idea to have some local money and book a hostel for the first night before you get to another continent. Oh – and correcting his mistaken impression that Terminal S is part of Heathrow, not Gatwick. Glad we got that one sorted out before he got there and missed his flight to Brazil.

I’m sure it’ll all be fine. Really.




  1. And a Happy Birthday to You!

  2. […] I’ve been into space! Well, not quite, but as near as I’m likely to get, thanks to the imagination and skill of Edinburgh International Book Festival’s resident photographer, the wonderful Chris Close. […]

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