Posted by: gillarbuthnott | September 9, 2019

Back to Work

Image result for autumn leavesEdinburgh has reverted to normal: most of the tourists have headed home and you can now walk along pavements in the centre of town again without ending up in someone’s photo album. Autumn has also, rather abruptly, arrived and it’s definitely time to get back to work.

Image result for shipwreckI’ve been looting the library for books on such topics as shipwrecks and submarines as I disappear down the research rabbit hole. It’s great fun to learn about something new and I’m always on the look out for the bizarre facts that make a non-fiction book come alive. At the moment I’m boggling at the fact that there are estimated to be 3 million shipwrecks out there. It’s a wonder there’s room for any water in the sea, what with all that and the whales.

For a bit of contrast, in the evenings I’m editing a novel. It’ s good to have two such different things on the go at once: each one acts as light relief for the other. So far, anyway…

And of course, school events are revving up for the autumn term: look out Mary Erskine, Dalziel and Braidhurst high schools – I’m coming your way this week.

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