Posted by: gillarbuthnott | May 8, 2020

Adventures in e-publishing #2

Publishing - WikipediaIt’s nearly a month since I stuck my head above the parapet and put my book The Keepers’ Daughter on line as a Kindle download and POD paperback; so, what have I learned in that time?

First, I love the way I can track what’s been happening to it. I can check how many downloads there have been per day by using the KDP website. I could check hour by hour if I wanted to, using Amazon Author Central (but that way madness lies…). It has been downloaded (hooray) and has even earned some money (hooray, hooray) – not much, but more than an out of print book earns when no one can buy it.

On the down side, a couple of people have told me they have tried to leave a review and haven’t been able to, so (assuming they’re not telling porkies) I need to follow that up. Reviews would be very useful!

I made the book a free Kindle download a couple of weekends ago, and that certainly increased the number of downloads. Next, I will try making it a 99p offer – haven’t quite decided when.

I ordered the physical book to see what it was like. The print quality is pretty good, but it certainly doesn’t look like a ‘bookshop book’: margins are too narrow and it seems weirdly heavy. I also realise my cover choice was hopeless, so I’ll be changing that when I have time (bit busy with actual writing just now).

And of course, I need to try to engage with the whole marketing thing much more.

On the whole though, I’m pleased with how things have gone so far – this is, after all, my first attempt at all this.

Please let me know if you have any words of wisdom for me, and if you want to hear how things progress.



  1. No wisdom but would very much like to hear what happens next – and good luck with that actual writing thing!

  2. Certainly interested to hear it all goes, Gill, and hoping that you get some traction on sales. I imagine that the lockdown has given you a pretty unique opportunity to concentrate on writing more than you’ve ever been able to in the past. Hope it’s going well – and looking forward to reading the fruits of your labours!!

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