Posted by: gillarbuthnott | July 3, 2020

Oh Happy Day #2: The Adventure Continues.

Use your contactless card on Lothian's bus services from today ... My emergence from hibernation continues. Remember these? Today I was on a bus for the first time in 100+ days. I rode that bus into Princes Street, to go non-essential shopping and there were other people there. The walks I took along Princes Street during lockdown were weird, post-apocalyptic affairs, as if  I’d been teleported into I Am Legend, but today there were normal people, just moseying around in a normal way.

Reader, I visited Marks and Spencer and bought clothes! New Clothes! I am wearing a new dress and some shoes as I type this. Call me superficial if you wish, but I swear I can feel evolution beginning again. Perhaps in a few days my knuckles will no longer brush the pavement as I walk…


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