Posted by: gillarbuthnott | August 6, 2020

The Best Review Ever?

Fainting and Swooning – the Degrees of Syncope in the Victorian ...I hardly ever look at my books on, but yesterday I did and I found the most amazing review:

‘This book appears to be targeted at young children. It has bright and cheerful pictures and advertises it is ‘wacky’. Unfortunately it was not age appropriate (for any child). It contains dark and unnecessary subject matter.
There is nothing ‘amazing and wacky” about this book.
The nonchalant reference to the loss of human lives is morbid. This book talks A LOT about murder, assassination, death, war, disease, and witches. It is not fun and cheerful as the pictures and bright colors suggest.
I am appalled that the author and publisher thinks this is written for a child.
Towards the end of the book it looks as if the author got bored and threw numerous elements on one page with a short sentence for each. Some information was completely false, such as the dinosaurs and how they became extinct.

Science can be an enjoyable subject for children and it would be great to have resources to expose young minds to the fascinating parts without exposing them to darker parts of life and humanity.
The author has failed to write toward the innocent young audience this book was intended for.’ 

You won’t be surprised to find it was awarded 1 star, presumably only because 0 stars wasn’t an option…
My intention here is not to disparage the reviewer: everyone has the right to  think and say anything they want about a book they read: but I had no idea I’d written such a thrillingly transgressive book!
So if you want a disturbing read, A Beginner’s Guide to the Periodic Table may be just the volume for you…


  1. WOW! Who knew? Congratulations on a doozy!

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