Posted by: gillarbuthnott | November 15, 2020

Best Review Ever – The Real One!

A Beginner's Guide to the Periodic Table: Gill Arbuthnott:  9781472908858: Books

You may be thinking ‘I’ve already seen this post’, but don’t go – this is an entirely different sort of ‘best review ever’, sent to me by an 8 year old reader in the USA…

“My dad bought your science books for me when I was 4 – The Beginner’s Guide to Periodic Table, What Makes You You, What makes Your Body Work, A Beginner’s Guide to Electricity and Magnetism and Your Guide to Life on Earth and I loved reading them. They were probably the first books I read by myself and I have read them a million times by now. My parents tell me that I used to call my grandma and recite passages from the periodic table book to her. I lost that book just before we were moving to US and I was so upset that my parent bought me a new copy.

I wanted to thank you for writing about science in such a fun way. I have always wanted to thank you but did not know how.I discovered your website when I googled for you.I am doing a course in physics and chemistry meant for middle school grades and my instructor asked me what first attracted me to science and I told him – ‘ books by Ms Gill Arbuthnott’. I still love periodic table ( I know all the elements and their symbols now) and electricity and magnetism and genes and I still love going back and reading your books.”

Seriously, as an author, there is nothing that could have made me happier than this email. All I want to do when I write about science is make other people feel the same way about it that I do – to find it thrilling. At least I know I’ve succeeded with one reader! Deep joy.


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