Posted by: gillarbuthnott | January 18, 2016

Something Red on Blue Monday!


I’m very excited about next Friday, because it’s awards day for the Red Book Award, and I’m on the shortlist with Beneath! There’s a whole day of presentations and celebrations in Falkirk and I’m really looking forward to a great time. Also on the short list are Mind Blind, by Lari Don, Salvage, by Keren David and Inflicted, by Ria Francis, all of which are excellent books.

The Bookwitch has just been kind enough to post a lovely review of Beneath – just in case you’re wondering what it’s about…




  1. Good luck with the RED Award, Gill. The books sounds enchanting. I hope it proves a winner for you! Trevor and Diane x

    • Thank You! Watch this space… Already looking forward to this year”s KLQ

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