Posted by: gillarbuthnott | April 9, 2011

Easy Speaking and the Speakeasy…

I’ve just been looking at the Borders Book Festival programme, which has all sorts of lovely events packed into four days in June. I’m really looking forward to doing my own event there – Genetics for Kids – as it’s such a uniquely beautiful setting and a very friendly place to talk. I’ve just got to make sure I remember my strawberries and my water bath so I can produce some real DNA on stage; always great fun as long as nothing goes wrong…

I’ve been very bad about posting here lately, but I did have a great excuse: I’ve been in New York for a fantastic holiday. I could so easily get used to luxury living and cocktails if only I had the necessary income… The high points were wandering round Central Park, visiting the Frick collection and, highest of highs, getting a tour of the wine cellar at the 21 Club. It’s an amazing restaurant which started life as a speakeasy during prohibition, and the cellar is behind a concealed door.  Very Indiana Jones.

Ah well, back to the real world. And it’s probably time I did some serious writing.


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